Boating in the Wilds of Northern NH

Canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, motor boating or just plain floating.... the water bodies in northern
 New Hampshire allow for a wide variety of boating opportunities! In the northern area are the Connecticut Lakes and river, both ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Both the lakes and river are abundant with fish and wildlife sightings are a common occurrence. Located in the east are the Androscoggin, Rapid and Magalloway Rivers. These rivers are ideal for white water rafting enthusiasts. 

For your paddling pleasure here is a list of still water and moving water bodies as well as some suggested paddling areas:

Still Water Bodies:

  • East Inlet-Travel north of Pittsburg, NH village for approximately 18 miles. Take a right onto East Inlet Road. Stay on East Inlet Road for about a mile until you reach the East Inlet boat launch.


  • Scott's Bog-Travel north of Pittsburg, NH for approximately 18 miles. Take a right onto East Inlet Road. Go across the bridge and bear left. Follow the low road 2 miles to Scott's Bog boat launch.


  • First Connecticut Lake


  • Second Connecticut Lake


  • Lake Francis


  • Clarksville Pond


Moving Water Bodies:

  • Lower Indian Stream


  • Androscoggin River


  • Connecticut River- A suggested start point is in Canaan, VT by the route 114 bridge that separates NH and VT. You can paddle to the town of Colebrook, NH and a recommended take out it at the rest area on route 3. 


Pittsburg,NH-Great North Woods Riders ATV Club

Lake Francis State Park lies on the shores of Lake Francis a 2,000 acre lake near the...

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