Snowmobiling the Wilds of Northern NH

The North Country certainly doesn’t lack for anything when it comes to snowmobiling. We have over 700 miles of groomed, interconnected snowmobile trails here in the North Country. The town of Pittsburg, NH alone has over 200 miles of groomed, interconnected snowmobile trails. Pittsburg, NH is the snowmobile enthusiast’s paradise. The snowmobile trails connect to Vermont, Maine and Canada allowing you the freedom to ride to countless destinations.

The snowmobile trail system is made up of state and local land owners. Just like ATVing in the North Country, the trails are maintained by local clubs and volunteers.

Coos County Snowmobile Clubs:                                                 testing
• Pittsburg Ridge Runners
17 Dickson Lane
Pittsburg, NH 03592
• Colebrook Ski Bees
P.O. Box 125
Colebrook, NH 03576
• Swift Diamond Riders
1411 Diamond Pond Road
Stewartstown, NH 03576
• Stratford Nighthawks
18 Washburn Road
Stratford, NH 03590
• Umbagog Snowmobile Association
P.O. Box 133
Errol, NH 03579



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