Truth is, there are probably a million reasons why everyone should explore the Great North Woods of New Hampshire this summer. From the friendly locals to the gorgeous views, this area is prime for memory-making. Bear Rock Adventures in Pittsburg NH, situated in the thick of it all, is your gateway to the endless outdoors, the soft summer sunrises, and the cool starry nights. And trails. Lots and lots of incredible trails.

Whether you’re waking up to the comforts inside Bear Rock Lodge or the incredible views from one of our safari-style tent campground sites, your adventure is just steps away. We’ll get you outfitted with the perfect Polaris 2-seater or 4-seater, the right gear, and a friendly direction or two to send you on your way. What kind of fun can you expect while you’re here? We’ve got 11 reasons why you should have a Bear Rock Adventure this July. 

More Daylight Means Longer Trail Rides

In these parts, July gifts us with an early sunrise and a late sunset—5 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. For anyone with an adventurous spirit, that means more time riding a Polaris 2-seater or 4-seater out on the trails. Where should you go with that added daylight? We suggest trekking it up to Sugar Hill Lookout, where you’ll be treated to beautiful sweeping views. But since the day is long, you can also squeeze in runs on Shatney Mountain, Hall Stream, which borders Canada, the Rail Trail, which follows the historic (and former) Northern Line railroad and the scenic Connecticut River, which runs parallel to the Rail Trail.

Temperatures are Perfect

By perfect, we mean it. In northern New Hampshire during July, you can expect temperatures that reach up to 75 degrees in the day and 55 at night at Bear Rock Adventures in Pittsburg NH. Does it get any better than that? That means you’ll have warm weather for adventuring—but not too warm—and cool nights for campfire stories under the starry sky. For awesome night views, we recommend staying in our Mountain Top Escape campground, which is perched atop Bear Rock Mountain.

This is Lake Season

Having a Bear Rock Adventure in July means turf and surf. Take Lake Francis for example, in our hometown of Pittsburg, N.H. This 2,000-acre lake connects with 1,000 miles of trails in Coos County, so you can plan your lake swim or canoe trip before or after a day of riding—or both. We also love Back Lake and Little Diamond Pond.

The Wildlife is Out to Play, Too

There’s so much opportunity for wildlife spotting this time of year that we should have David Attenborough in residence all summer long. Bring your binoculars and telescopic lenses because wildlife photography and spotting is a great pastime, and a perfect activity to enhance your trail riding. This time of year, keep an eye out for moose, bears, lynx, river otter, beaver, minks, deer, and fox. It’s almost like a Disney movie—just make sure you give all wildlife some space so they can do their thing, too!

Nightlife Abounds

Like most northern states, we squeeze the most we can out of summer. Winter nights are long, so summer means getting out and mixing it up with good food, craft drinks, great music, and tons of smiles—and you’re invited. Tap into the local energy at the Buck Rub Pub, where you’ll find lawn games like cornhole, horseshoes, and amazing barbecue at its outdoor venue known as The Pit. Also, stop into Black Bear Tavern and unwind with their famous sangria.

Breathtaking Views Wherever You Go

The top of Bear Rock Mountain just so happens to be home base for Bear Rock Adventures camping. Whether you’re greeting the day with a sunrise, enjoying the serenity of a beautiful sunset, or just taking in the crisp, clear summer views, you can’t go wrong from Bear Rock Mountain. Trek a little further to Dixville Peak Trail, where you’ll find the Granite Reliable Windfarms and its towering turbines, which add a surreal beauty to the vista.

Everything is in Bloom

During July, you’ll experience the full effect and often kaleidoscopic colors of the Great North Woods in bloom. Pink Lady’s SlippersCanada Mayflower, Indian Paintbrush and so many more. Bring your camera’s macro lens, your sketchbook, and paintbrushes, or just a pair of eyes—these flowers are ones to remember.

Turn Independence Day into a Month-Long Celebration of History

New Hampshire has its fair share of Revolutionary War history. A day trip to Portsmouth, N.H. will give you plenty of history near Bear Rock Adventures, too. Don’t miss the historic Native American gravesite for Metallak in Stewartstown and the historic markers for the Republic of Indian Stream, which later became Pittsburg. 

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The Stars are Bright

Whether you’re a stargazer, a constellation counter, or just the nighttime version of a daydreamer, New Hampshire’s night sky in July is a sight to behold. Mesmerizing celestial twinkles and pinholes will put you in a trance, and when paired with the pops of fireflies around camp, you’ll think you’re in a dreamland (close: New Hampshire).

July is When Memories Are Made

July is the all-American month. It’s also when summer is in full swing, when we’re all feeling relaxed, and when families have the best chance of cutting loose and making memories to last a lifetime. Do it in New Hampshire.

Find Your 12th Reason at Bear Rock Adventures

If 11 reasons were not enough to visit New Hampshire in July, we’re certain you’ll find your 12th or more with Bear Rock Adventures. Whether that’s at the end of a trail, on top of a mountain, or over a good meal with great people, it’s all here waiting for you.

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