Winter is well on its way, and as temperatures drop, the fun heats up in New Hampshire’s North Country. Once a blanket of fresh powder covers the trails, it’s open season for thrill-seeking snowmobilers and other outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

But before you can mount a premium Polaris Indy Adventure 650, Switchback XC 650, or any other snowmobile rentals, New Hampshire-style, you’ll need the proper protection to take on the elements. From a cold-canceling coat to an insulated, impact-resistant helmet, there are several essential pieces of equipment to slip into before chasing that pristine powder.

Luckily, Bear Rock has your back (and the rest of your torso, your head, and your bottom half, as well). Before hitting the trails this winter, hit up our fully-stocked showroom to get fitted for all the gear you need to safely sled and shred snow—or, if you’re already sized up, browse our online Outdoor Adventure Store for all these essentials and more before heading out for your winter adventure.

#1. A Quality Coat

New Hampshire’s climate is no laughing matter. With winter temperatures averaging as low as 10℉, the frigid air can bite like a bloodthirsty mosquito.[1] Not to mention, the resulting wind chill from bombing around the backcountry at high speeds can make that 10℉ feel like -20℉—and at temperatures that bone-chilling, exposed skin is at high risk for frostbite.[2]

The best way to protect against the creeping cold is a properly insulated, wind-resistant jacket. And, at Bear Rock’s Adventure Store, we’ve got the best brands and the slickest styles to keep you warm and fashionable all winter long. From 509 and FXR to KLIM, our premium winter snowmobile wear contains top-of-the-line material technology that locks heat in and allows you to keep enjoying the great outdoors.

#2. Lighter Layers

While the Great North Woods’ frosty fields and forests necessitate a padded jacket, you’ll also want to wear thinner base layers for less frigid legs of your journey. Whether you’re living it up in your lodge or just stopping for some trailside eats, a sleek sweater and undershirt will help you air out while keeping your body at just the right temperature.

At Bear Rock’s Adventure Store, you’ll find an endless variety of lighter layers for your snowmobile journey. With quality manufacturers such as Kuhl, Howler Bros, and Dakota Grizzly defining our collection, we have the latest in men’s athleisure wear available for your perusal. For the ladies, leading designers such as Vuori, Indyeva, Prana, Kari Traa, and Skhoop await you. We even have snowmobile gear for little ones from the likes of Kamik and KLIM to keep kids warm.

Come browse our extensive selection of sweaters, undershirts, and other branded apparel—you’re sure to find the right companion for your next outdoor extravaganza!

#3. Generously Padded Gloves

Fingers are most often the first appendages to feel the effects of frostbite.[3] To avoid damaging your digits, keep them warm and dry with a pair of water-resistant, heat-trapping riding gloves.

Gloves have a very personal feel, and everyone prefers their own level of stiffness, flexibility, and warmth. We suggest coming into the Bear Rock retail store to slip your hands into several pairs of 509, CKX, and KLIM gauntlets to see what’s right for you. With such a wide variety of gear available, you’re sure to find a set that fits you, well, like a glove.

#4. A Heat-Trapping Helmet

There’s perhaps no more important piece of equipment in adventure and motorsports than a protective helmet. Beyond keeping you safe, snowmobile helmets also provide insulation and waterproofing to protect you from cutting cold and spraying snow.

509 and CKX are the two head honchos when it comes to helmets. If weight and wearability are your top concerns, there are few helmets as light and comfortable as the 509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon Fiber Helmet.

If you’re searching for peak performance, choose CKX’s Mission. It’s the apex of trail riding helmets, featuring AMS, an integrated air management system. This anti-fogging technology wicks away moist air and its ultra-lightweight versatility is ideal for both spring and cold weather riding. The CKX Titan is another incredibly crafted helmet designed for mountain, off-trail, and trail riders alike and includes 210° goggles. Take advantage of its GoPro mount to capture those magical riding moments and relive them again and again.

Try them all on and see which crown to call your own as you push the limits this snowmobile season.

Get Fully Geared Up at the Bear Rock Outdoor Adventure Store

Jackets, helmets, gloves, and layers are the perfect start to a safe, warm, and fashionable snowmobiling outfit—but they’re not the only pieces you’ll need to fully prepare for everything New Hampshire has to offer.

Bibs and pants, goggles, travel bags, and more can make your ride all the warmer, safer, and memorable for all the right reasons.

To get fully equipped with everything you need to take on the North Country this winter, stop by the Bear Rock Adventure Store or shop online before trails open this winter!


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