The dog days of summer are barking, and fall is just around the corner. At Bear Rock Adventures, a shift in seasons means new types of fun are spreading throughout New Hampshire’s Great North Woods. If you’re used to adventuring around the lakes, through the forests, and on top of mountains during the spring and summer months, you’re going to love the late-summer/early-fall vibes of August and September.

This time of year, the air is a little crisper and there’s always something to hunt (whether that’s a bargain or a buck). If you’re traveling to Bear Rock Adventures in Pittsburg, N.H. to seek out one last ATV rental or camping adventure before winter settles in across the land, you’re in for a treat. We have colors that will blow your mind, temperatures you’ll want to snuggle up to, and so much more. Read on to discover what you’ll experience in the Great North Woods this time of year.

The season officially closes on September 30 in Pittsburg, so don’t wait on booking your accommodations. Book a stay at one of our incredible Bear Rock Camping sites or stunning Bear Rock Lodge by clicking this link.

Spectacular Fall Colors

When we talk about fall colors in New England, we’re not just talking about a nice change of scenery. Fall colors in New Hampshire are unlike anything you’ve ever seen—and due to Bear Rock’s northern New Hampshire location, the colors come earlier here than anywhere else which means you can be one of the first in the nation to peep the fall foliage this year.

Our trees, including maples, poplars, tamaracks, birch, beech and more, delight with brilliant hues that attract visitors from across the country every year. Fiery reds, radiant golds, simmering oranges—it’s a kaleidoscopic array of colors vibrating with fall spirit.

The best place to bask in the glow of color is Frosty Ridge Loop just down the road in Colebrook, N.H., and easily accessible from our Bear Rock Camping sites. Pro-tip: Book a stay for the third week in September and be treated to incredible sights when the colors first pop off.

The Thrill of the Hunt

If you’re into the thrill of the hunt, the best time to visit Bear Rock Adventures is late summer/early fall. Northern New Hampshire and the Great North Woods is a prime destination for hunters this time of year because our weather is incredible, our game is plentiful, and our views are divine. Here, you’ll easily find deer, turkey, waterfowl, upland birds and plenty of fish. Most seasons begin in early September, so get ready!

This year, elevate your hunting accommodations for the whole family to enjoy. The Bear Rock Lodge is the perfect home base for your hunting operations. Conveniently located near all the prime spots and featuring amenities that will keep you relaxed after a long day on the trail, it’s an experience for your entire party.

Even better? Bear Rock Adventures offers hunting licenses for purchase (we recommend the “cast and blast” option that covers fishing and bird hunting), and we also have great local tips on the best spots along the nearby Indian Stream to get started.

Incredible Deals on Riding, Shopping and Packages

If hunting down deals is more your speed, then you’re in luck. We’ve got incredible deals that are reason enough to visit – whether you’re into riding, shopping, staying, or all the above!

This time of year, we offer mid-week riding promotions on all of our Polaris rentals. Rent our 2022 Polaris RZRs (2- or 4-seaters) or choose a full Play & Stay Camping package! To take advantage of the deal, simply make your reservation Monday through Thursday and key in code MIDAUG15 at checkout to save 15%.

But that’s not all! More deals await during our annual sale at the Bear Rock Outdoor Adventure Store. Our end-of-summer in-store sale runs September 23-25 and features 20% to 40% off brands throughout the store. Mark your calendars!

Cooler Temperatures

We LOVE summers in New Hampshire, but late summer/early fall has a special place in our hearts because that’s when the mornings offer scenic sunrises, and the evenings cool down, making everything just a bit cozier. This time of year, the serene temperatures bring a refreshing change to the outdoor experience. Expect averages to drop about 10 degrees, so highs are in the high 60s, while lows are in the low 50s. Scoop up a new jacket and hat from our Outdoor Adventure Store and you’ll be all set to weather the day.

From brisk morning hikes to layered-up rides, the cooler temps focus the senses and make evenings around the warm, crackling campfire extra special. To really get into the spirit, spend an evening dining at Murphy’s Steakhouse or Rainbow Grill for the full New Hampshire effect.

End-of-Season Carpe Diem

It’s the end of the season, and even though autumn gets us stoked for the coming snowy trails on the back of a Polaris snowmobile, we still want to squeeze every last drop of fun out of the summer season. That’s why this time of year is so enjoyable at Bear Rock Adventures— and no one is taking the spectacular weather, incredible experiences, and amazing opportunities for granted.

Take advantage of early Christmas shopping at our Outdoor Adventure Store, find deals with our Play & Stay packages, and ride every last bend in the trail before they close in early October. There’s no time to waste! Seize the day!

Book Now and Experience Late-Summer Fun

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