As the summer heat continues to increase, so does the itch to take on new outdoor adventuring. While we are beyond thrilled to enjoy the last few moments of our fun-filled summer, our top priority at Bear Rock Adventures is to ensure we are doing it safely! That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we have officially entered a partnership with the Coos County Sheriff’s Department, providing them with a leased RZR to ensure rider safety all summer long.  

According to Corrine Rober, owner of Bear Rock Adventures, being a trusted community partner is of utmost importance to the Team at Bear Rock, which is why this initiative is a top priority for us. The agreement allows the Sheriff’s Department to patrol the northern portion of Coos County with the RZR, deputizing certified officers to address issues as they may arise.  

“The ATV community has had a lot of activity in recent years in Southern Coos County, so much so that many enthusiasts have branched out farther north,” said High Sheriff Brian Valerino. “Recognizing this increased demand in the northern part of the state, Bear Rock reached out to us to see what we could do to ensure a safe riding environment for all.”  

The agreement allows the Sheriff’s Department to focus on what matters most—community safety! Bear Rock Adventures will supply, maintain and house the RZR onsite to ensure it’s running properly and ready to go when needed.  

“Any time a local business and law enforcement can work together to achieve a common goal, it’s a win-win situation,” said Sheriff Valerino. “It’s very refreshing to know that a business wants to help make this wonderful sport successful, said Sheriff Valerino.  

What’s more, this isn’t the only way we’ve tried to go the extra mile to ensure responsible riding. Aside from the Sheriff’s Department partnership, we partnered up with the Polaris Foundation, which facilitated a $100,000 grant towards the creation and installation of 1,000 new ATV trail signs. Ensuring directional guidance, the signs promote responsible rider practices. As a Premier Certified Outfitter, we are also proud to be part of the nationwide Polaris Adventures network. Committed to ride training, trail etiquette and sustainability practices, Polaris Adventures has been a fantastic partner in providing us with training on responsible riding techniques, which we can then pass along to our customers exploring our local trails. It’s a great way to promote safety and education, especially for those new to the sport.  

“Our mantra is to truly live adventurously, but explore responsibly,” said Corrine Rober. “We love providing the exhilarating experiences that comes with ATV and snowmobile adventuring, but always want to ensure our community is kept safe which is why we do everything in our power to turn that dream into a reality.”  

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