Let your weekend warrior loose and join us this season for the best on-road and off-road adventures in New Hampshire!

Hop into one of our off-road rentals, like a state-of-the-art Polaris RZR, and embark on a journey through the northeastern terrain towards Beaver Brook Falls, a breathtaking 80-foot waterfall located right off the Ride the Wilds trail system. Looking for a smoother ride? We have just what you’re looking for! Slide into one of our futuristic Polaris Slingshots and take off on a New Hampshire day trip while turning heads at every stop. The opportunities are endless for outdoor enthusiasts looking for Northern New Hampshire activities that are safe, family-friendly and most importantly, fun for all ages.

Our family-friendly RZRs and other vehicles are provided to us through the amazing partnership we have with Polaris Adventures. In November of 2017, Polaris Adventures officially launched their premium network of ride and drive destinations nationwide, with their main focus being to make outdoor adventures safe, easy and memorable for all skill levels. Fully equipped with the latest Polaris vehicles, safety procedures, online registration and best ride practices, Polaris Adventures is a no-brainer partnership that we are more than happy to be a part of.

“By establishing partnerships with local area experts, we have created a network of premium riding and driving experiences throughout the country. From New Hampshire to Maui, this program consistently delivers the highest quality ride opportunities on the latest Polaris vehicles. The greatest reward is watching newcomers get into the driver’s seat and create a lifetime of memories. That’s what it’s all about,” said Paul Vitrano, Vice President and General Manager of Polaris Experience, LLC.

The Polaris Adventures Partnership

The partnership we have with Polaris Adventures is a huge asset to both our loyal customers that we have retained over the years as well as new customers taking their first ride into the great outdoors with us! Their user-friendly website makes planning summer vacations a breeze, so you can stop searching endlessly on the internet for a mediocre experience and book an adventure that will not disappoint. It is as easy as picking a location or region in the country, selecting an on-road or off-road experience, and then booking your desired dates! This isn’t a drill, folks, it’s simply that easy.

We all know the goal for summer is to have fun and create lasting memories while staying safe. That is exactly what we are here for. Our turnkey experiences are memorable for all the right reasons due to our meticulous vehicle maintenance, wide selection of vehicles to suit any group size and our tour experts that will send you out on an adventure that you won’t want to end! Everything that you’re looking for to create a vacation for the books is here at Bear Rock Adventures. Let’s ride!

About Polaris Adventures:

Polaris Adventures brings together a select network of outfitters to provide premium ride and drive experiences at epic destinations nationwide. Creating safe, memorable, year-round adventures for all skill levels, Polaris Adventures offers worry-free half and full-day options for couples, families and adventure groups in state-of-the-art Polaris vehicles.