Our top priority is giving our customers the time of their life and memories that will last. As you begin to search for excursions in the Great North Woods, New Hampshire, we know you’ll have a blast camping, ATVing, or even snowmobiling with Bear Rock, but don’t just take it from us! Hear from one of our long-time customers, Hugo Provetti, as he gives his honest Bear Rock Adventures review. 

Hugo spends as much time as he can in Pittsburg, NH and works in Boston. Hugo is a VP of a commercial construction company. His team builds high-rise towers. When he’s not working, Hugo loves to escape the city and spend his free time outside. He notes that spending time in nature is very therapeutic for him, which is why he purchased a cabin in the area. Over the years, he’s gone on many Bear Rock Adventures and referred many customers our way. 

We recently caught up with Hugo and he gave us his Bear Rock Adventures review: 

Tell us a little bit about you: 

I love being outside. Any chance I get to get away, this is what I do. I have a 21-year-old daughter, 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. The whole reason I bought a cabin in the area is that it’s a stress reliever for all of us. My kids enjoy the outdoors and being up North as much as I do. 

What are your favorite hobbies?

I love shooting, riding side-by-sides, snowmobiling, snowboarding, kayaking, fishing, and boating – basically, anything that has a motor and goes fast, I like. I’m an adrenaline junkie. 

How did you first hear about Bear Rock?

Before I owned my place, I would come to visit. When I first got here, I asked around who would be the best person to rent machines from in the area. I met the Bear Rock team through a mutual friend; he recommended them to me. As I got to know Bear Rock better, I started recommending them as much as I could. I have loved watching this business succeed and thrive. They are great people and so deserving. 

What kind of activity have you done with Bear Rock?

Snowmobiling and side by side – both sports I love. I’ve never camped with them, but I’ve had friends camp and they loved it. I’ve known people who have come as far as Virginia to adventure with Bear Rock. 

Every time I ride, I always go by Bear Rock to see what trails they’re doing and catch up with them. They’re part of my experience every time. 

Do you shop at Bear Rock’s store? How about the online store? 

I love to shop at the Bear Rock store. I like to go into the store and talk to the people because the employees are amazing. Plus, the boutique on the other side is beautiful. I love to show it off like it’s my own.

I haven’t shopped the online store as much because I’m an in-person shopper, but I know people love it. 

What would you say about Bear Rock’s customer service?

The whole thing is that you don’t feel like you are at a store, or as if you are being pushed into buying. It’s a genuine, honest opinion. It’s more of what’s fitting to your needs, not pushing things that you do not need.

They don’t try to oversell; it gives the cozy feeling to be there, and these people honestly want to help you. Everyone that goes there ends up coming back because they employ the right people to do the jobs. There are times to go there just to say hi to the guys that work there.

Do you recommend Bear Rock Adventures? 

Whenever I hear of anyone going to the Great North Woods Area, whether they’re hiking, camping, or looking for rentals, I am always pointing them toward Bear Rock. It’s a great one-stop-shop, Bear Rock is not there just to sell, they’re there to help and I appreciate that.

At Bear Rock, you’ll find all the info you need, anything to fit your needs. You’ll meet great, informative people and the staff will give good suggestions. All the people that work there are mostly local, they grew up in the area, they live everyday life in the area, they know where to go, and where everything is so they have the knowledge, and they care about their reputation.

Is there anything else you’d add to your Bear Rock Adventures review?

Bear Rock Adventures is in a great location, centrally located, middle of all the trails, and there is food close by.

The apparel is everything you need, they have honesty, a sense of humor and great customer service. All around, they are just good, local people that care about their customers, and they are there to help others.

We’re proud of every single Bear Rock Adventures review we have gotten, but we especially appreciate the time Hugo took to share his thoughts. Loyal customers like Hugo are at the heart of our business. Want to learn more about what to expect when you adventure with us? Find many other Bear Rock Adventures reviews on Google and TripAdvisor. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.