Satisfy your mid-summer wanderlust in the great North Woods with exhilarating NH ATV tours, breathtaking views, and glamping in our luxurious tents and lodge. Much more than just a place to stay and play, we’re part of a diverse community that’s invested in embracing you and treating you like a local while you’re here. Check out what our fellow business friends, North of the 45th Apparel owners Ryan Breton and Amanda Merrill, have to say about the incredible North Country.

Tell us more about your relationship with Bear Rock. How did you get connected?

I’ve (Ryan) been a big fan of Bear Rock since they opened their snowmobile & ATV rentals store on Main St in Old Downtown Pittsburg. I’m heavily into snowmobiling and driving my side-by-side — Bear Rock is the place to find the best gear! When Bear Rock moved to its current location, Amanda and I frequented the store more often because of all the incredible items they carry. We’re friends with lots of their employees and have grown those relationships over the years. My wife Amanda and I had the idea to extend the reach of North of the 45th Apparel, so we connected with Corrine — and the rest is history! We share very similar values and we both understand the importance of our customers. Bear Rock has been a huge support for us and we share a natural connection through our love of the North Country.

What is your favorite part about doing business in the North Country?

Our absolute 100% favorite part is all of the people that we get to meet! We all have one special thing in common —our love for the North Country!

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

We are inspired by our surroundings, and we only create logos and pieces that have a heartfelt meaning to both Amanda and me. People who come into our store always ask about our creations, and we love to tell the story behind each design. 

What’s inside the Shirt Shack that Bear Rock customers can’t miss out on? What can’t visitors get anywhere else?

We definitely have something for everyone! We offer clothing in a spectrum of colors to satisfy every taste. And visitors may find it hard to choose from the variety of logos, hats, mugs, stickers, magnets, dog bandanas, Swoon sunglasses, and super cool distressed signs depicting local places. Our vast stock of unique items guarantees every customer can find at least one special thing.

What’s the top-selling North of the 45th Apparel item?

That would be our “Classic Logo Hooded Sweatshirt!” Everyone loves a great hoodie!

What makes North of the 45th Apparel clothing special?

It’s our love of absolutely everything about the North Country! Everything ‘North of the 45th’ is incredible. The weather is amazing once you cross over the 45th Parallel — it’s truly like no other place in NH. It’s this feeling that we capture in our apparel that customers love.

What’s the favorite souvenir visitors take home from North of the 45th Apparel?

Every one of our custom-made tags has a sticker attached. We both love stickers and discovered very quickly that our customers do too!

What recommendations do you have for visitors to Pittsburg?

Views, views, and more views! There are so many places to get up high to take in the beauty of the North Country. Whether by snowmobile, ATV, side-by-side, or car the views are endless! Bear Rock is of course the best 4 wheeler rentals New Hampshire has to offer!

What are your favorite New Hampshire ATV rides?

Hands down, our absolute favorite trail is the Dixville Peak Trail. We love the long and meandering ride to get out there, only to be met with the most challenging trail in the area. I have been riding every OHRV there is for my whole life, and this trail still gets my adrenaline pumping! The coolest part is that after the heart-stopping, steep, challenging, rocky incline, you come upon the most incredible, breathtaking view.

What are your favorite snowmobile trails?

If we have to pick just one, then we say Corridor 20. We love that it’s so close to the Shirt Shack and that we can follow it to the furthest point in the Northeast corner of the state. There’s an incredible variety of terrain to experience along the way, more great views to take in, and with a quick turn into the woods, you can explore Stub Hill Pond. It’s such a cool spot.

Have any local summer tips for July visitors?

Check out First Connecticut Lake State Park! It is such an inviting place to hang out, swim, and picnic. It’s a favorite of my family and our golden retrievers, Auggie and Murphy.

What’s the no.1 can’t-miss thing visitors must do or see?

Well, we can’t give away our #1 favorite secret spot, because it wouldn’t be a secret any longer. But, if anyone happens to come into the Shirt Shack and ask, we might share.

Thanks to our friends at North of the 45th Apparel, and if you are in the area be sure to check them out, https://northofthe45thapparelco.com/.