At Bear Rock, we’re proud to provide our visitors with the finest Northeast ATV rentals and snowmobile rentals NH has to offer. But even these top-of-the-line machines need servicing every once in a while. Although we do a lot of our own work in-store, when it comes to servicing, rotating, and replacing our tires, there’s only one place we trust: Northern Tire.

ATV riding New Hampshire’s rugged trails can wear down a vehicle’s wheels after enough time. To ensure our tires are always in tip-top shape, we turn to Brian LaPerle and his crew. The history between our two businesses actually goes back to the 80s, well before Bear Rock first opened its doors in 2013.

We sat down with Brian for a quick interview to share a bit more about our partnership.

Tell us about the relationship between Northern Tire and Bear Rock. How did the companies first connect and what type of work do you do together?

Bear Rock and Northern Tire have a history that predates their current owners. Heck, this story begins before Steve and Corrine even decided to organize New Hampshire ATV tours, equipment rentals, and everything else they have on offer.

Back in the 80s, Steve’s father worked in New Hampshire’s logging industry and would routinely come into Northern Tire to service his truck. At the time, the shop was run by my own father, who came to know Steve’s dad quite well.

Fast forward a few decades, and we had both inherited our father’s positions. I took control of Northern Tire and Steve was working in the forestry sector. Whenever he would need a piece of equipment fixed or serviced, he’d bring it to our shop as his father had before him.

When Steve and Corrine got the bright idea to open their own Pittsburgh NH snowmobile and ATV rental paradise, they already had a friend in the tire industry. Now, anytime they need a wheel replaced or serviced, they come straight to me to get the job done.

What’s the best thing about doing business in The North Country?

Everyone around here is down-to-earth and easy to get along with. These positive relationships have compelled me to maintain a high standard of customer service. In turn, I’m always left happy knowing I’ve done my best to take care of some very kind and worthy people.

Tell us more about being a family-owned business.

Well, I inherited Northern Tire from my father—but that tells you less than half the story. The store actually dates back to 1947 and has been passed down through the LaPerle clan ever since. We just celebrated our 75th anniversary last year, and now, the fourth generation is beginning to get involved in the family business.

Where do you find inspiration for your business? What kind of things drive you to get out of bed every morning?

I’m in a constant state of growth and evolution. I feel this incessant need to optimize everything in life, and that definitely extends to my business.

When I see something that can be improved upon, executed better, or simplified, I have to act on that impulse. Even if it means staying up at night to solve a minor problem or make a small improvement to Northern Tire, I’ll burn the midnight oil to make sure my shop is running as best it can.

What are your best-selling brands at Northern Tire?

In general, most people ask for Cooper or Goodyear tires for use on their personal vehicles. When it comes to ATVs, however, Hercules is definitely our top-selling brand.

How many people do you employ?

In total, we have 20 employees, including our part-timers. Several of them are younger, meaning they come after school to work in our shop as part of School-to-Work student-employee programs.

What do customers have to say about your services and offerings?

We keep close track of our reviews and share them at weekly staff meetings so everyone’s updated on our status in the community. In general, our feedback is overwhelmingly positive—we boast 4.7 stars on both Yelp and Google.

What recommendations do you have for visitors to Colebrook?

You can definitely come out this way and have an amazing time on foot alone. There are plenty of hiking paths to choose from, and there’s hardly a better way to spend the day than immersing yourself in a long walk through the Great North Woods.

If hiking isn’t your style, you can have just as much fun (or likely even more) by renting an ATV and getting out on the trails. There’s no need to Google Polaris Rental Near Me either—you already know about the best shop with the most trustworthy tires in town.

What are your favorite ATV trails?

I was raised on ATVs, starting with trikes when I was just six years old. Back then, me and my buddies used to ride everywhere between Columbia to Clarkesville. There was no developed trail system during that time, but there was something magical about the untamed wilderness and the sense of freedom the backwoods provided.

So, when it comes to my favorite ATV trails, they actually can’t be listed in any Ride the Wilds NH tour program or found on a map because they no longer exist (sorry).

How do you adventure with Bear Rock? What are some favorites of yours they have on offer?

I always owned my own ATVs and snowmobiles, so I never needed to rent one, but I trust Bear Rock for my gear and other essentials.

That said, I sold all of those toys a few years back to take on a new hobby. Nowadays, my absolute favorite thing on offer from Bear Rock would be their idyllic Colebrook NH campgrounds.

What are local summer tips for visitors coming to the North Country in July?

The Great North Woods are massive, so there’s always bound to be a serene spot away from other tourists and adventurers. Find a quiet area to camp out for the day and just enjoy the undisturbed peace and stillness that only the North Country can offer.

What’s the top thing you cannot miss when visiting the area?

Head to Mount Magalloway and climb the fire tower. It offers stunning, unimpeded views of the surrounding area and allows you to survey a great deal of the North Country from a single spot. The hike is also pretty lax and suitable for most skill levels.