In the Great North Woods, adventure abounds, so it helps to have a local who can point you toward what you seek. At Bear Rock, our staff facilitates the outdoor adventure lifestyle for guests from all over the world. From helping guests organize their stay at Bear Rock Lodge, to gearing up in the Outdoor Adventure Store, to mapping out the perfect route to explore with Bear Rock rentals, our staff is here for every step of your journey. Perhaps no one is more involved than our very own Tanner Baillargeon, general manager at Bear Rock in Pittsburgh, N.H. 

We caught up with Tanner to see the adventure lifestyle from his perspective.

How long have you lived in the area? 

For four years. I moved back to New Hampshire—where I grew up—from Los Angeles in December 2018.

How long have you worked at Bear Rock? 

For four years.

What inspired you to join the outdoor adventure industry? 

I wanted to join the family business and help grow not only our brand and sport but also the area of Pittsburg through the outdoor adventure industry.

What do you love about the Great North Woods? 

The never-ending exploration of what feels like a brand-new world.

What’s something about the Great North Woods that would surprise people who’ve never been? 

The connectivity of the trail system to restaurants, lodging, stores and other towns you can visit! It is such a fun and cool experience.

What’s your favorite aspect of working at Bear Rock? 

The Bear Rock Team. The people we work with on a daily basis provide such great service with a terrific attitude day in and day out. We truly wouldn’t be able to continue to thrive as a business or brand without our incredible team.

What’s your most rewarding memory of working at Bear Rock? 

Introducing people to a whole new world of adventuring and travel.

What does Bear Rock do better than anyone else? 

Our customer service and the level of quality products we provide is unmatched.

Tell us your favorite Bear Rock Camping site and why? 

Mountain Top Escape. The view is truly extraordinary and waking up to the incredible Dixville notch and surrounding mountain ranges right from your bed in the morning is an unforgettable experience.

What’s one item that you really want to own from the Outdoor Adventure Store? 

Every piece of Howler Brothers and the gold standard of snowmobile helmets: the CKX Carbon Mission Helmet.

What advice would you give to someone visiting the area for the first time? 

For the winter, always be prepared with the proper layering clothing. For the summer, make sure you bring your hiking shoes because some of the terrain is more intense than other places, and you can expect more back roads than paved.

What’s your favorite type of guest? 

People new to the area are usually my favorite. It’s amazing to introduce a brand-new world of beautiful landscapes, a vast interconnected trail system and the unique aspect of travel via off-road vehicles. It always presents the best “in awe” reactions, which are priceless.

What’s one great tip for adventuring responsibly? Layering properly and having the correct equipment for communication and navigation.

What’s your favorite: Snowmobile season or ATV/OHRV season? 

ATV/OHRV season is really my favorite. It’s just a different feeling when you take a ride on your Polaris RZR to your favorite restaurant at 6 p.m. and it’s still 70 degrees—it’s a no-worries type feeling.

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