We welcome spring a little differently here in the North Woods. For many, March might mean spring is on the way, but here in Pittsburgh, it means we’re fueling up our 2020 Polaris snowmobiles for more snow excursions!

We see the most snow, brightest skies and best trail conditions in March, making it the best time for snowmobile explorations, and the best time to pay a visit to the snow-high North Country is when SnoFest is happening!

Formerly known as SnoDeo, SnoFest is March 6-7 and is any winter lovers and explorer-enthusiasts dream! SnoFest will keep the whole family entertained with several activities at Coleman State Park. This year at Coleman the whole family can enjoy:

  • Ice Skating
  • Snowshoeing
  • Winter games
  • Demos
  • Food and Vendors

Explore on New Model Snowmobiles

While you’re at Coleman, if you’re looking to inject a little more adventure into your weekend you can test drive 2021 snowmobile models. There’s still plenty to do before or after your demo ride with several food options and vendors on-site, including the time to visit the snowmobile and North Wood experts at Bear Rock Adventures.

If you’re excited to test out the 2021 models, make sure to bring a DOT approved helmet for the demo. But if you don’t have a helmet or you’re looking for more snowmobile gear, Bear Rock is a certified Klim gear retailor. Klim is the best most effective gear to keep riders warm and well ventilated throughout their adventures. To pack in more style and comfort into your explorations, pick up some RIDE 603 gear while you’re at Bear Rock.

SnoFest will also give you insight into how we keep trails like Dixville trail well-groomed and ready to ride. Visit the ‘Groomer Rodeo’ at Swift Diamond Riders Warming Hut. There you’ll see some of the latest grooming equipment form manufacturers like Tucker, Piston Bully and Prinoth. You can grab a bite at the warming hut, while you ask some local trail grooming pros about the equipment.

SnoFest packs fun for the whole family into one weekend that you won’t want to miss.

When you’ve wrapped up the fun at SnoFest, or if those 2021 snowmobile demos have you itching for more powder-shredding exploring, come by Bear Rock Adventures for terrain explorations on 2020 Polaris snowmobiles.

Hourly and Multi-Day Snowmobile Rentals

Bear Rock has snowmobile rentals available for 2, 4, 6, 8, 24-hour, or multi-day so you can enjoy Snofest, other North County winter activities, or visit some of the local shops and restaurants, at a pace that works for you.

Your trail explorations at Bear Rock will feel endless on trails like Dixville Peaks that take you along the Connecticut River or up near the border of Canada. But while the trails seem endless, we recommend ending those explorations with nighttime lake views.

When you explore the winding snowmobile paths of Blazing Trails near the Canadian border, you’ll find yourself taking in the vastly beautiful views of the Connecticut Lakes. The lake views there are breathtaking, but more so when the sun has set and that night sky reflects off of the ice of the lakes, illuminating the surrounding trees.

Make Your New Hampshire Snowmobile Rental More Convenient

To stay local to these lake-side views, or for immediate snowmobile trail access as soon as you wake up, stay at Tall Timber Lodge.

When you’re ready for a meal or need a chance to warm up, visit the Buck Rub Pub for a cozy and delicious meal. Fuel up with one of the Pub’s specialty sandwiches and fuel up the nighttime explorations by visiting Back Lake and Lake Francis that are only one mile away.

As the winter season starts to warm up into Spring across the country, we’re still taking in the winter wonder of the North Country! There’s no better time of year to visit then when Snofest is happening, and the March powder is prime for your explorations! Visit the North Country and visit us at Bear Rock to explore in the best conditions you’ll see all year.

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