Spring break in Northern New Hampshire is where it’s at this year! Now that we are a year-round Polaris outfitter in Pittsburg, we are able to offer adventures to our guests like never before.

Pack up the family and head to our neck of the woods where you can ride a brand new 2019 Polaris Indy snowmobile across 1,000+ miles of trails. While on your journey, you will see Garfield Falls, a 60-foot, three-tiered waterfall, Canadian Gray Jays that will eat treats directly from your hand, Diamond Ridge, picturesque views from Sugar Hill and more! For more details on the tours offered, check out our snowmobile adventures.

Bear Rock Adventures is here to help create lasting memories that you and your family will remember for years to come. Whether you’re a snowmobile beginner or if you’ve been doing it for years, we have a tour (and trail) for you.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for your Spring Break snowmobiling adventure so you can hit the powder and get to exploring.

  1. Snowmobiling Best Practices – Our guides are experts with the machines and will tell you everything you need know in order to have a safe, enjoyable ride before you head out on the trails. One thing to remember is to ride within your skill level and to respect the power of the machine. Don’t be afraid to use the throttle when you need it but be sure to go at a speed that is comfortable for you. There are novice and seasoned riders on the trail, so don’t try to keep up with the hot shots if you’re still getting the hang of riding. An important note, the trails you ride on have two-way traffic, so stay tight on the corners and respect other riders. Keep in mind, it can be difficult to see ice under the snow, so be careful and don’t cross any lakes unless you are approved to do so. Our last and most important tip for you is to HAVE FUN and enjoy the fresh New Hampshire snow! Please review our rental policies for information on age requirements, cancellation notices and more.
  2. Check the Forecast – A typical day this time of year in Pittsburg, New Hampshire is snowy and 25 degrees. We welcome about 27 inches of snowfall which keeps everything looking fresh and beautiful. We all know whether can have a mind of its own, so we recommend checking the forecast before you head to our neck of the woods. This will help you pack what you need and prepare you for the white wonderland you’re about to visit!
  3. It’s all About the Gear – A word to the wise, layers are your best friend when it comes to snowmobiling in New Hampshire. Ski wear and snowmobile attire are two different things and we are here to tell you exactly what you need to stay warm while out on the trails:
  • Warm layers of moisture wicking, waterproof/water resistant clothing
  • Thermal underwear
  • Snow pants
  • Winter Jacket
  • Winter Boots
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Balaclava (no, not the delicious Greek pastry. Trust us, you’ll for sure want one of these). It is a close-fitting garment that fits over your head and neck to keep your face protected in cold weather.
  • Don’t have the gear and not willing to buy it? You’re in luck! We rent out the gear, jackets, bibs, boots and leather gloves for guests that need it.

In short, you will want to bring as many warm layers as you can. It’s always better to pack more than you need and take layers off throughout the day than to not have enough. We also recommend bringing some light snacks, a water bottle, face tissues, and your phone or camera to take photos of the amazing views you will be exposed to along the way.

  1. Sleep, Eat and Enjoy – When planning your family adventure vacation, be sure to check out these places to stay during your time here:
  • Buck Rub Pub & Lodge – If you’re spending the weekend with the guys, this is your spot to stay. They are pet-friendly and have a great pub with delicious food and cold adult beverages to indulge in after a day full of epic adventures.
  • The Glen at Bear Tree – Located on the shore of Connecticut Lake, The Glen at Bear Tree is great for couples. Murphy’s Steakhouse is nearby and perfect for a date night after hitting the trails.
  • Tall Timber Lodge– If you’re visiting with your family or a group of people, Tall Timber Lodge would be a great fit for you. They are surrounded by the Connecticut Lakes, the headwaters of the Connecticut River and many streams and ponds. Feel right at home in their cozy rooms.
  • Lopstick Cabins– Another great lodging option for families, groups or couples is this outdoorsman’s paradise. They have access to everything from fishing to waterfalls, covered bridges and more.
  • GoNorth Snofest – This free, family-friendly event is March 1-2, 2019. Join Swift Diamond Riders, North Country Chamber of Commerce, Canaan Border Riders, Colebrook Ski-Bee’s and Pittsburg Ridge Riders at this epic winter event where attendees can demo next year’s snowmobiles, enjoy great end-of-season riding and good food. There will also be non-motorized winter activities, an antique snowmobile parade and a Groomer Rodeo featuring the major groomer manufacturers.

Put a new, fun twist on your Spring Break adventure this year. All you have to do is book your adventure and we will take care of the rest. Reminder: Season ends March 31, 2019 so book your tour today!