Have you ever wondered why the Bear Rock Adventures Outdoor Adventure Store holds the name it does? We take adventuring seriously, which is why this shop is so much more than your typical outdoor retail store. We are custom-built for helping our customers explore the great outdoors!

A one-stop-shop for all things camping and riding, our expansive, 4,000 square-foot store boasts a wide array of high-end gear including helmets, goggles, and footwear. You can find anything from a Pittsburg NH trail map to a 509 logo sticker, in addition to camping-specific items such as sleeping bags, blankets and tents. The Outdoor Adventure Store recently tripled our initial floor size to accommodate all things camping and riding! Customers asked, and we delivered.

Calling All Hunting and Fishing Enthusiasts 

Whether you are new to exploring or a seasoned expert, the untamed Great North Woods can be full of surprises, so we offer the most all-encompassing shop of gear and local goods within a 60-mile radius.

Allowing visitors to register their OHRV and snowmobile machines alongside picking up best-in-class equipment to accompany their journey, we conveniently meet the needs of all adventuring excursions for locals and travelers alike. Perfect for fish and game aficionados too, customers can register for a hunting and/or fishing license as they browse for high-grade poles, lures and more.

Hit the Trails with Best-in-Class Technical Gear 

Looking to hit the trails in your own off-road vehicle or Pittsburg NH ATV rental? With a special focus on technical clothing for both men and women, some of our best-selling, top-of-the-line brands include Klim509tasc PerformanceBOGS° FootwearKÜHL®, and Kari Traa (specifically designed for females).  

What’s more, if you’re looking to add a little extra coziness to your stay, check out our aromatic candles, Deerfield leather slippers, local soaps, lotions, jewelry and more. Get that “ahhh” feeling of pure relaxation and bliss as you stock up on self-care products to accompany your stay. 

Made For You and Yours 

The rumors are true—you DON’T have to be staying with Bear Rock Adventures and the Bear Rock Lodge to reap all the incredible benefits this store has to offer! While it’s the perfect onsite arsenal of goodies for those looking for a Pittsburg NH ATV rental, camping or lodging with us, anyone passing through can swing by and stock up on the latest, trendiest retail products.

Stop by today to experience the hand-selected outdoor products – be sure to ask our staff their favorites! We’ll be sure to set you up for a comfortable, successful, and undeniably memorable experience in the captivating New Hampshire woods in your OHRV. We can’t wait to meet you!