When it comes to many things in life, it’s all about location. Vacation is no different. Wherever your travels take you, the location of your lodging can mean the difference between immersing yourself in the bustle of local culture or finding the seclusion of a remote hideaway. At Bear Rock Adventures Pittsburg NH, we’re brimming with locations. From the historic Bear Rock Lodge to our six incredible campsites (which will completely change the way you view camping), we have a spot for everyone. Where you stay can definitely influence the vibes of your experience, so choosing your spot is the first step in planning your adventure in the Great North Woods.

How do you do that? What’s the best spot for guests? Which campsite has the best views? All of these questions—and more!—are answered below. Read on.

Getting Acquainted with your Surroundings

You’ve hopped on our website, you’ve Google Mapped our location “Bear Rock Adventures Pittsburg NH”, you’ve even read the Great North Woods Wikipedia page…and you still have questions. Great! You’ve come to the right spot. Summer is in full swing and campgrounds in NH are open, so let’s get you acquainted with the area.

Guests of Bear Rock Adventures have the option between two very distinct experiences: Stay at Bear Rock Lodge or one of the amazing Bear Rock Camping locations. Both provide incredible access to the surrounding Great North Woods, as well as the local culture and amenities you’ll find in Pittsburg, Colebrook, and other towns in the area. Plus, we’re a hop from the US-Canadian border, a stone’s throw from endless hiking, biking, and off-road trails, and so close to lakes, state parks, and other areas primed for adventure.

This time of year, before booking, check out our Play & Stay Packages, which bundle OHRV and side by side rentals with lodging. This way, you can score on package deals while also taking care of ATV rentals upfront, so your machine is with you the entire stay. 

Now, on to the lodging options.

Bear Rock Lodge

The historic Bear Rock Lodge welcomes you and your group to stay comfortably, nestled close to all the fun. The lodge has been a staple in the local community since it was originally built in 1986. Locals Ron and Nicky Clermont first opened the doors on July 16, 1986, as Nicky’s Country Kitchen serving all-American delights. During the 2000’s it was Tracy’s Hillside Grille as well as the office for Buck Rub Lodge & Pub for a while. Finally, Bear Rock Adventures purchased the space and completely transformed it. Today, it serves as a cozy spot for Bear Rock Adventure guests to gather in comfort. It was always the vision of our founders to create memorable experiences plus stay options so guests could have a home base as they explored the great outdoors.

Located in Pittsburg, N.H., the Bear Rock Lodge is well-suited for large groups of guests. With the capacity to sleep 10 people (minimum of two), the Lodge is ultra-popular with large families, groups of friends, and other folks who don’t mind sharing a roof. The Lodge features four bedrooms with DirectTV in every room, free Wi-Fi, a full kitchen with all the amenities, and ample parking out front to fit every rental machine you could want…plus the car you drove in on.

This year, we’re adding on to the greatness of the Bear Rock Lodge with an expansion. The expansion will increase capacity with seven total bedrooms, two living areas, and two full kitchens. It will be even more perfect for joyful family reunions and any big get-togethers with family or friends.

What’s nearby the Lodge? Well, for starters, the Buck Rub Pub is literally next door and there’s a good reason why we all refer to it as Pittsburg’s year-round base camp. There, you’ll find vibrant local culture, fun for the whole family, fantastic food, and a full bar.

The Bear Rock Lodge also features immediate trail access. That means you can walk out the front door with your morning coffee, hop in a machine and go. And when you go, you’ll find two lakes nearby that are accessible by OHRV. Even more fun awaits via car, with upwards of five lakes within a 20-minute drive. And if you have any questions, challenges, or need to scoop up some gear, the Bear Rock Adventures headquarters (including our Outdoor Adventure Store) is two miles down the road.

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Bear Rock Camping

Forget your preconceived notions about camping. At Bear Rock Adventures, we’ve created a camping experience that’s appealing to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or just dress like one.

Bear Rock Camping features six distinct locations with something for everyone. Guests that gravitate toward our camping locations usually want a little more adventure than they’ll find at the Lodge, but still want to enjoy comfort and amenities in the outdoors…and amazing views. Everyone from families to couples to groups of all kinds stay at the campsites.

Located just down the road in Colebrook, N.H., our six tent sites are situated across 100 acres of land and offer so much more than standard camping. Each signature tent helps create a safari-like experience, with amenities like a wood stove, queen-sized bed, outdoor hot water shower, restroom, and a picnic table, fire pit, and lounge chairs for extra comfort. Needless to say, it’s glamping New Hampshire. Also, the Outdoor Adventure Store has all your camping and riding essentials, plus some unique finds like locally crafted artisanal soaps, jewelry, and more. For any extra needs that you can’t find in the surrounding nature, the town is just a short drive away.

Each campsite has 3 to 5 acres of its own space, so guests can relish in the privacy while enjoying their unique experience. Note that there are two different tent sizes split between the six different sites: Standard and Grand, which are 12’x16’ and 16’x20’, respectively.

The sites are:

Bear Rock Mountain Top Escape: A mountain-top Standard tent site with the best views.

Bear Rock Hidden Gem: A Standard tent situated behind an old stone wall and surrounded by maples.

Bear Rock Secret Pines:  A Standard tent situated in a collection of pine trees and perched atop a hill.

Bear Rock Secluded Paradise: A secluded Standard tent site with fabulous mountain views.

Bear Rock Mountain Grand: Features a Grand tent on top of Bear Rock Mountain.

Bear Rock Meadow Grand: A Grand tent perfectly placed in a meadow.

Our top 3 rentals are Mountain Top Escape, Mountain Grand, and Secluded Paradise, so make sure you book early!

Book Your Next Adventure Today

Speaking of booking, it’s never too early to book your plans—the earlier, the better. If you are waiting until after Labor Day to catch amazing foliage, take a look at mid-week rentals for your best bet on scoring the lodging of your desire.

So much fun awaits at Bear Rock Adventures this summer. From our expanded Lodge to the breathtaking views glamping New Hampshire, you can’t go wrong wherever you stay.