Snowmobile season begins December 15

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means: List-making and good intentions followed by procrastination, rushed shopping, and—gasp!—the dreaded backorder or out-of-stock notification. Do you know what’s never on backorder? Experiences.

This holiday, take the anxiety out of the season and embrace the spirit of “Jingle Bear Rock” with the incredible Pittsburg NH snowmobile rentals waiting in Northern New Hampshire’s Great North Woods at Bear Rock Adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a newbie, or looking to surprise and outfit a friend experiencing snowmobiling for the first time, opportunities abound this winter for people of all levels. Thousands of miles of groomed trails, incredible Pittsburg NH lodging experiences, an updated fleet of Polaris snowmobiles, and amazing deals and discounts truly make it the season to “Jingle Bear Rock” the outdoors.

Experience the Great North Woods on Snowmobiles

New Hampshire Snowmobile rentals begin December 15! This season, Bear Rock Adventures is excited to feature an upgraded snowmobile fleet with the 2023 Polaris snowmobiles. With both single and double seaters, we are excited to offer the latest New Hampshire snowmobile rentals to our guests.

Based on last year’s popular demand, we have also upgraded our fleet size to fifty snowmobiles. All feature light, rigid aluminum, and carbon fiber chassis designed to deliver every bit of power you’ll need to cut through the snow thanks to the tried-and-true 650 Patriot Engine.

The machines also pack in some incredible technology to enhance the outdoor experience. Built around the rider’s comfort and safety, machines include the Ride Command 7S Display (which features vehicle-to-vehicle tracking), SmartWarmers heated grips (a GAME-CHANGER for your fingers) and all-new left-hand controls.

Sights to View in the Great North Woods

The Great North Woods region is packed with scenic views and interesting sights to soak in. Here are just a few new suggestions for the season:

  • Trail 134 to Dixville Peaks: Incredible views of towering wind turbines in the snow.
  • Trail 144 to Diamond Ridge: Breathtaking overlook views of First Connecticut Lake.
  • Corridor 21: Take this to the Grand View Snack Shack for breathtaking views.
  • Trail 127: Follow the trail up over Sugarhill for amazing views of the valley below—and make sure to stop by the Swift Diamond Riders Warming Hut.

For more on our destination rides, check out our list of adventures.

Winter packages for the whole family

Our Winter Play & Stay Packages are a great way to get into the beauty of the wild with all the amenities to keep comfy in the cold. The package combines a stay at the Bear Rock Lodge with snowmobile rentals at a discounted rate. Enjoy a beautiful 4-bedroom lodge with all the comforts of home and direct trail access. Guests must book a minimum, of two nights at our Pittsburg NH lodging.

While You’re Here, Get the Gear

The Outdoor Adventure Store has everything you need for comfortable winter exploration, and it all starts with appropriately layering gear.

Snowmobile layering is an essential part of not just looking great, but also keeping warm and safe while you’re out on the snow.

Here’s what you need to know from our seasoned snowmobile pros:

Base Layer: Wicking material like synthetics or merino wool help regulate moisture and temperature.

Mid Layer 1: Fleece comes in handy to maintain core temperatures.

Mid Layer 2: This extra layer gives you bonus insulation—best to stick with synthetic down or wind-resistant fleece.

Outer Layer: Make it weatherproof and breathable so you don’t get too hot.

The Bear Rock Outdoor Adventure Store can outfit you with every layer you need, featuring top brands like Klim, 509, Terra Mar, Kari Traa, Minus 33 and Tasc.

Join us for our annual winter open house and holiday party! Also known around these parts as the official start of Bear Rock’s Holiday Gift Certificate Promotion. For every $150 you spend, you receive one $25 gift card—perfect for stuffing into stockings, holiday cards or your own pocket. The festive night features a special beer tasting with Coös Brewing owner Collin Finn, awesome door prizes, treats, refreshments, in-store discounts, free shipping and more. Let the Bear Rock Adventures experts outfit you with the latest gear so you are ready for any winter escapade. Bring your spirit. Bring your appetite. Bring your holiday shopping list! Save the date: Thursday, November 10, 2022 from 3-8 p.m., at the Outdoor Adventure Store.

Ready to get out there and experience the Great North Woods with Pittsburg NH snowmobile rentals? Book your trip today!