Safe and Sustainable New Hampshire Adventures Since 2013

When 2020 started we were thrilled to offer the best adventures of the Northeast and ready to welcome all outdoor enthusiasts for Bear Rock Adventures. But soon enough the adventures of 2020 were met with the challenges of the pandemic, and we at Bear Rock Adventures had to meet those challenges to ensure safe adventures for our North Woods visitors.

In large part, our commitment to the Great North Woods has always meant sharing its pristine beauty, endless adventures, and wonderful community with other outdoor enthusiasts. But more than that has been promoting safe and sustainable New Hampshire snowmobile rentals riding practices for our riders and the local community.

Bear Rock Adventures has been a responsible trail partner since our launch in 2013 with efforts in trail improvement and local trail sponsorship, law enforcement collaboration, and GPS enabled machines to track our rider’s speeds and trail adherence to promote responsible ridership. We’re also proud supporters of Tread Lightly!, a national initiative with the goal of creating outdoor recreation opportunities, all while promoting proper outdoor ethics and stewardship, on top of supporting local rider clubs who work toward sustainable trail systems.

As we’ve worked toward maintaining the trails and wilderness in the Great North Woods and met the challenges of the pandemic, one thing became clear: how much we value the beauty and spirit of adventure found in the North Country. To keep that spirit of adventure we are launching a renewed effort to spread responsible trail efforts beyond our own riders and expand on the safe riding principles we believe in: ‘Live Adventurously, Explore Responsibly’.

The Great North Woods Trail Principles: Live Adventurously, Explore Responsibly

Living Adventurously and Exploring Responsibly means using the local trail systems to their fullest to experience the full depth of wonder of the Great North Woods, all while respecting the wilderness and other North Woods visitors to create a safe and sustainable experience for every adventurer.

We believe the best New Hampshire snowmobile rentals experience for all means maintaining the 3 principles of ‘Live Adventurously, Explore Responsibly’: good ridership, respecting the wilderness, and leaving only tracks.

Good Ridership - Snowmobiling

Good Ridership: Snowmobiling  

  • Watch out for riders and pedestrians.
  • Use the recommended trail speeds.
  • Ride single file.
  • Keep your hands on handlebars at all times.
  • Stay on designated trails.
  • Respect landowners and landowner property.
  • Don’t stop on trail corners.
  • Obey trail signage.
  • Report poor-rider behavior to New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife.
  • Don’t drink and ride.
  • Stay in contact with your rider group.
  • Listen for other riders: do not use headphones or earbuds while riding.
  • Check weather forecasts for a safe ride.
  • Wear proper snowmobiling gear and equipment.
New Hampshire Outdoors

Respect the Wilderness

  • Don’t touch trees, plants, or wildlife habitats off of trails.
  • Don’t mess with the Wildlife.
  • Avoid spooking or contacting livestock.
  • Avoid sensitive areas with inadequate snow cover.
  • Stay on the trails and don’t create new ones.
  • Report any trail damage or poor rider behavior to New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife: (603) 271 – 3421.
New Hampshire Camping - Leave Only Tracks

Leave Only Tracks

  • Feel free to adventure, just don’t leave behind any trash.
  • Bring a trash bag with you for your own trash and pick up any you see along the trail.
  • Stay only on marked trails.
  • Bring a trail map and follow your map to stay only on designated snowmobile trails.

These principles maximize safe adventures for all riders, outdoor enthusiasts, and maintain the pristine Great North Woods.

The Bear Rock Standard

We love our Bear Rock Adventures location at 2638 North Main Street!

This location offers great trail access, an expanded retail offering including Klim gear and Ride 603, and is next to food and convenient gas fill-ups at Grampys & Dormans 24-hour Self-Serving Gas, for a one-stop-shop for New Hampshire snowmobile rentals.

At Bear Rock Adventures, our standards for excellent adventures are high, making for the best New Hampshire snowmobile rentals experience imaginable.

This winter season, enjoy the pristine trails on safe and reliable Polaris snowmobile rental. Our new machines like the Polaris Switchback Assault and Polaris Indy VR1 650, mean the most extensive views of the Great North Woods are all just a throttle away.

Bear Rock has the best trail practices and standards, for adventures like no other. Visit today!