The Best Klim Gear in Northern New Hampshire

With the holidays wrapping up, and the New Year kicking off, our New Year’s resolution is to make our guest’s Bear Rock Adventures snowmobile rentals more epic. But how do we do that considering the hundreds of miles of groomed trails we already have in one of the most renowned snowmobile sites in the U.S. you might ask? By adding the best gear and best Polaris snowmobiles around. Call it, New Year-New Gear.

We are a Certified Klim Retailer, a global leader in motorsports apparel for off-roading adventures. Klim gear prioritizes mobility and does so with gear that keeps you dry, warm and ventilated so that only thing that stops your Pittsburg NH snowmobile rentals adventure is sunset.  Klim has snowmobile gear like jackets, parkas, one-piece snowsuits, goggles, bibs, pants, helmets, gloves and much more to keep you mobile and comfortable from head-to-toe.

Rent a 2020 Polaris Snowmobile and Explore New Hampshire

If you really want to ride in style, check out the line of 2020 Polaris snowmobiles. Rent a Polaris Indy 600 single or double sled, or a Polaris Switchback Pro S 600 and explore our endless trails. Each Polaris snowmobile is designed to keep you moving with built-in safety features like reversing capabilities, windshields and ResQLink Beacon for personal location detection. On top of ensuring a safe ride, each Polaris Snowmobile comes with a heated helmet visor and handlebar warmers, so the cold is no match for the adventure.

With Klim gear and a Polaris snowmobile, there is no reason not to add exploring New Hampshire Trails to your New Year’s resolution list.

Explore New Hampshire’s North Country

However, if you need more reason to make a trip up to the North Country, you can explore like a local on snowshoe and cross-country ski trails, go ice skating or ice-fishing, or take your adventure down-hill with sledding.

And when it’s time to rest up from the day’s winter thrills, stay at one of the North Country’s favorite lodging accommodations like Bear Rock Lodge. Located in Pittsburg, N.H., the Bear Rock Lodge is well suited for large groups of guests. With the capacity to sleep 10 people (minimum of two), the Lodge is ultra-popular with large families, groups of friends, and other folks who don’t mind sharing a roof. The Lodge features four bedrooms with DirectTV in every room, free Wi-Fi, a full kitchen with all the amenities, and ample parking out front to fit every rental machine you could want…plus the car you drove in on. Learn more here.

With so many winter explorations to take advantage of while you hit the powder at Bear Rock Adventures, it’s hard to imagine a better time to explore the best trails in New Hampshire, but then again, there is SnoFest.

The North Country’s annual winter festival. SnoFest is a winter enthusiast’s wonderland, with winter games, food, equipment demos, and antique and vintage snowmobiles on display. Spend a morning or afternoon blazing through trails at Bear Rock Adventures and use the rest of your day to take in all the winter wonder of SnoFest.

But if you can’t wait until March, you can visit us at Bear Rock Adventures to start the New Year strong with the best snow trails in New Hampshire and with gear and equipment that make the adventure limitless.