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It’s almost that time to bundle up, head outside and cruise through the fresh, New England snow. You read that right, Bear Rock Adventures will officially open for the winter season on December 15, 2019! Experience the beauty of New Hampshire first hand during one of our epic snowmobile rides. A new year brings new adventures, new vehicles and new memories that we can’t wait to share with you. Come visit us this winter for the thrill of a lifetime.

Bear Rock’s Brand-New Fleet

Explore, enjoy and venture out into the winter from behind the handlebars of a brand-new Polaris Indy snowmobile this winter! Pittsburg, New Hampshire is a real-life winter wonderland as we accumulate over 150 inches of snowfall annually. This season, Bear Rock Adventures has a brand-new fleet of Polaris Snowmobiles ready to hit the powder. Our snowmobile rentals include adventures on the Polaris Indy 600 Adventures both single and double sled (2-passenger) machines as well as the Polaris Switchback Pro S 600. Each machine is equipped with an electric start, reverse capabilities, a windshield, and a ResQLink Beacon and Spot technology to ensure a safe ride. Don’t forget that each snowmobile also comes with built in heated helmet visors and handlebar handwarmers to ensure your hands don’t turn into icicles mid-adventure!

Epic Snowmobile Rides in New Hampshire

One of the largest New Hampshire tourist attractions is snowmobiling due to the amount of snow in our area and the incredible trail systems surrounding the northern part of the state. Our partnership with Polaris Adventures as a certified Outfitter made it a no-brainier to become a year-round adventure business which offers a reliable and premium experience to guests all year.  From sun to snow, our adventurous spirit and our guests’ passion for the great outdoors ensures that our adventures continue no matter the weather.

With hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails, we promise a truly unique adventure. The perfectly groomed, wide trail makes it easy for riders of all skills to travel through the forested summit that open up to expansive views reaching an elevation of 3,230 feet. There are thousands of miles of snowmobile trails available to guests, all you have to do is get out there and let loose on the open snow! Choose to reach new heights and new views with our Dixville Peaks ride, or blaze through local trails and find Pittsburg’s best hidden gems.

“Nothing makes my day more than having a customer return at the end of the day and tell me what an awesome route I put together for them,” Bruce Kirk, Bear Rock Adventures employee for five seasons, said. He is able to suggest custom routes for customers based on information they provide him such as, “we want to get muddy” or “we want a nice, smooth ride.” Kirk is excited for snowmobile guests to experience the beauty of the woods and mountains, up close and personal.

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Ready to kick off the first winter season of snowmobiling here in Pittsburg, New Hampshire? Be sure to venture southeast of Pittsburg and check out Dixville Peaks, the highest point in the township of Dixville. The climb up to 3,482 feet in elevation is for adrenaline junkies that seek a steep and challenging ride. This route drops just below the wind turbines with picturesque views of Canada, Vermont and New Hampshire in one glance. Diamond Ride is another route that offers incredible views of the Connecticut Lakes Region.

Individual riders, couples and groups are all welcome to adventure with us! We have an advanced reservation system that is able to accommodate larger groups for family vacations, special occasions or just spur-of-the-moment day trips. We provide guided and unguided adventures to guests for 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 24-hours and multi-day excursions. Pricing starts at $140 depending on the sled desired and duration of the trip. For a full list of pricing visit our website. Helmets are included in the pricing. Drivers must be 21 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license, but guests that are 18 to 20 years-old with a valid driver’s license can operate their own sled if accompanied by a parent or guardian that is 25 years of age or older. Passengers must be able to touch their feet to the floorboards and able to reach the handholds on the snowmobile.

We are currently accepting reservations and are ready for you to rev those engines! Book your adventure today for the experience of a lifetime!