Let’s face it: Spring is kind of a nightmare when it comes to dressing – and it doesn’t matter where you live. Whether you’re in the Pacific Northwest, the South, the East Coast, or anywhere in-between, dressing for spring means preparing for crazy swings in temperatures and sometimes crazier weather changes. But dressing for outdoor adventure in New Hampshire during this transition season? That’s next-level stuff. Luckily, your friends at Bear Rock Adventures are here to keep you comfortable and fashionable all season long.

If you’re in the Great North Woods and find yourself in the vicinity of our Bear Rock Outdoor Adventure Store, stop in for some amazing outfitting advice and our incredible spring retail.If you can’t make it in to the store, that’s no problem: Follow the advice in this blog from our Bear Rock Adventures experts and check out our online store to ensure you’re always feeling good while having a blast in the great outdoors.

What’s the Great North Woods Weather like in the Spring?

If you live here, you know. So here are some Bear Rock Adventures tips so you can be prepared like a local. Our section of the Great North Woods is an outdoor adventurer’s dream, with seemingly endless swaths of remote land to explore, especially on a Pittsburg NH snowmobile rental. But in the springtime, temperatures can be deceiving.

Consistently in the 20s and 30s, seems straightforward, right? Think again. Once you factor in the increased intensity of the sun and varying degrees of elevation, dressing in layers can make a huge difference in your day. While it might look cold on the thermometer, the intense sun will have you sweating buckets within the hour. Conversely, the morning might look like the beginning of a pleasant, bluebird day, but a little wind and an increase in elevation can create a chilly experience.

Before you can dress for the weather, you have to understand it. But don’t fret, we’ll help you plan for whatever Mother Nature brings.

Pro-Tip: Ski Gear is Not Snowmobile Gear

Now that you understand the weather challenges, let’s quickly cover another “101” topic: Ski gear and snowmobile gear were not created equally. Shooting down a black diamond trail on skis and rocketing across pristine landscapes on the back of a Polaris 2-seater snowmobile are very different experiences.

Skiing is an agility-based sport that happens in very intense bursts of activity–usually followed by very long stretches of inactivity with a mug of cocoa beside a roaring fire. Generally speaking, ski runs are quick and require clothing that allows for lots of movement. Snowmobiling on a Polaris 2-seater, on the other hand, is an active sport, but one that’s extended over long periods of time and involves exposure to cold temperatures and potentially intense winds. Wind protection and insulation are key to staying safe and comfortable, which brings us to our next section: Layering.

How to Layer Like a Pro

The concept of layering isn’t new: We all do it every day, like when we dress for that drafty office cubicle or after-work bar that gets direct late-day sunlight. Layering in New Hampshire — when you’re on the back of a snowmobile rental or in a beautiful Great North Woods campground — requires some thoughtful planning. And your Bear Rock Adventures experts have a strategy!

In the spring, this is the rule-of-thumb for smart outfitting: Baselayer, mid-layer and shell. Keep your bulky ski-season jackets in the closet; they’ll do nothing to help. A good wicking base layer will help you stay comfortable while active, and a mid-layer will trap all that heat you’re generating (but not so much that you’re overheating). The outer layer—the shell—is key because it not only helps trap heat but also acts as a windbreaker for when you’re speeding across the snow. Also, never wear cotton: It absorbs moisture instead of wicking it, so you could end up with hypothermia.

Bonus pro-tip: Base layers should always be fashion-forward so you can easily transition to dinner or drinks after all-day riding. Transition pants—like 509 or Klim for men and Kari Traa for women —will make it easy to look casual but smart when hopping off your snowmobile and into the bar.

How to Keep Everything Else Comfy

We aren’t made up solely of arms, legs and a midsection. We also have hands, feet and exposed skin like your lips that need protection in the outdoors. If you take care of those, on top of your layering, you’re on your way to an amazing time. Lip balm for your lips, short gloves for your hands, and water-proof boots will go a long way (and don’t forget to double up on socks!). If you really know what you’re doing, you’ll pack some instant hand warmers for when it super gets cold.

What’s New With the Outdoor Adventure Store?

Aside from our new Bear Rock Adventures eCommerce Store?

Well, you may have heard that we expanded our store’s footprint: Now with 4,000-square-feet of retail space packed with everything you could imagine–it’s also the largest Klim dealer in the entire Northeast. Since you last checked in, our product lines have also grown. Come visit us to explore new items like New Foggy Dog, Bark Bistro, Buddy Butters, Slobber Stick, Kari Traa, Royal Canadian, Oboz Footwear and Big Agnes Camping gear.

Bear Rock is Your Hub for Outfitting and Outdoor-ing

Whether you’re a speed-demon interested in blasting across snowy landscapes on a Pittsburg NH snowmobile rental or a homebody interested in cozying up inside our rustic Pittsburg, New Hampshire Bear Rock lodge, Bear Rock Adventures is your place for all things fun. Come visit us for an amazing outdoor experience, incredible deals on shopping and a vacation you’ll always remember.

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