Make the Most of New Hampshire Snowmobiling before Winter’s End

There is nothing quite like a New Hampshire snowmobiling season, and just like most North Country winter’s, this season did not disappoint! We matched the epic North Woods winter with epic changes like our new location, to pack even more adventure for snowmobile rental customers and snowmobile owners alike!

But as the winter season comes to a close, we’re not ready to say goodbye to an epic winter season! That’s why we’re offering Mid-Week Discounts through March on snowmobile rentals of 24 hours or more. Use discount code BR50OFF at checkout to book your mid-week discount!

March winter’s in the Great North Woods are so much more than heavy snowfall. With Spring on the way, March snowmobile adventures happen under the brightest skies we see all season long! Plus with our Mid-Week discount, you can book during one of the best snowmobiling months of the year and when trails are less used!

Epic Snowmobile Gear and an Epic Winter Gear Sale

On top of being able to offer the ultimate winter experience with a location change that put us close to all things North Country snowmobiling, this change also meant we could expand our retail offering to sell epic gear to epic adventures.

This winter we stocked up on goggles, snow pants, boots, outerwear, and all other winter gear necessities to arm riders with the best gear and equipment available for long-lasting adventures that were worry-free of the elements. Our inventory included the best of Klim snowmobile gear and the local outdoor retail brand Ride603.

But the winter season ends this March, and we need room for the summer gear and equipment, so we’re ready to part with our stock of winter apparel with a HUGE SALE.

Our first ever End of Winter Sales event in our new location, is happening March 19 – 21 with discounts from 20 – 25% off. It’s never too early to start thinking of next winter’s adventures, so get your gear in our sale while supplies last!

Summer Sneak Peek with the New Hampshire ATV Rental Season

Whether you prefer winter trail adventures or not, it’s hard to argue the fun that comes with the Great North Woods summer season.

New Hampshire summer activities pack a serious punch with activities like fishing, hiking, climbing and bouldering, and biking. But we can’t deny we’re a little partial to two activities in particular: ATVing and camping!

Bear Rock adventures have some of the most extensive New Hampshire ATV rentals available, with the best trails in the state to match! We have a new fleet of 2021 Polaris RZR’s ready to take you through over 1,000 miles of trails for a seemingly endless adventure!

New Hampshire CampingAnd if you’re looking for the ultimate New Hampshire campsite, look no further than Tentrr Glamping! Our private campsites include queen size beds with memory foam mattresses, wood stoves, and private heated showers.

This summer we’re offering several Tentrr campsites, fully equipped with all you need to for the perfect New Hampshire outdoor getaway – well almost perfect.

Soaking in that breathtaking North Country scenery from your private campsite is made even better when you can pull up to it in your ATV rental from Bear Rock Adventures! We offer special packages for ATV and Tentrr site rentals combos! Adventure all day and relax in the North Woods all night! It’s a North Country no-brainer!

Safe and Responsible Summer Adventures

As hard as it is to say goodbye to our winter adventures, we also can’t wait to welcome the endless summer excursions like ATVing, Tentrr camping, and warm hiking and climbing!

This May we’ll be ready to welcome all warm-weather explorers to our new location with 2021 Polaris RZR’s ready to roar, and our expanded summer retail to set North Country visitors up for success.

But with the warm weather comes new responsibilities to maintain a pristine Great North Woods, as activities like camping, hiking, fishing, ATVing and more increase the use of our North Country home.

That’s why as we head into a new outdoor season, Bear Rock continues to be committed to maintaining a safe and sustainable Great North Woods with the Summer Principles of Live Adventurously, Explore Responsibly:

Good ATV RidershipGood Ridership: ATVing

                    • Watch out for riders and pedestrians.
                    • Use the recommended trail speeds.
                    • Ride single file.
                    • Stay buckled in at all times.
                    • Keep your hands on the wheel at all times.
                    • Stick to your trail map and stay on designated trails.
                    • Respect landowners and landowner property.
                    • Don’t stop on trail corners.
                    • Obey trail signage.
                    • Report poor-rider behavior to New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife.
                    • Don’t drink and drive.
                    • Stay in contact with your rider group.
                    • Listen for other riders: do not use headphones or earbuds while riding.
                    • Whether driving or as a passenger where the proper gear like helmets, goggles, and closed-toed shoes

Maintain your SiteMaintain Your ‘Site’

                    • Use existing campsites to limit your impact.
                    • Put out your campsite fires and observe any fire restrictions.
                    • Take back all you brought to the site, including any trash and food scraps.
                    • Wash and use water at least 200 feet away from any lakes, ponds, rivers, or streams.
                    • Use site latrines if available, if not use a portable latrine to bury your waste.

New Hampshire OutdoorsRespect the Wilderness

                    • Don’t touch trees, plants, or wildlife habitats off of trails.
                    • Don’t mess with the Wildlife.
                    • Avoid spooking or contacting livestock.
                    • Stay on the trails and don’t create new ones.
                    • Report any trail damage or poor rider behavior to New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife: (603) 271 – 3421.

New Hampshire Camping - Leave Only TracksLeave Only Tracks

                    • Feel free to adventure, just don’t leave behind any trash.
                    • Bring a trash bag with you for your trash and pick up any you see along the trail.
                    • Stay only on marked trails.
                    • Bring a trail map and follow your map to stay only on designated snowmobile trails.

The beauty of Bear Rock is that even as one fun-filled season comes to a close, a new one is just around the corner! We’re looking forward to finishing off a strong winter season and welcoming a summer of safe and sustainable explorations for all visitors to the Great North Woods! Plan your Adventure!