Want to start the new year off right? Us too!

New Year’s resolutions stem from a tradition of people resolving to change an undesired trait or behavior to accomplish a goal or improve their life.

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February?

We all know that dieting and exercise are high on the list of resolutions, but the number one goal on our list at Bear Rock Adventures is to help people unplug from technology and soak in the great outdoors year-round. Technology has found its way into our daily lives so it’s more important now than ever to set down the electronics and immerse ourselves in mother nature. We are making it a point to stick to our goal not only during 2019, but every year after that as well.

Not sure how to unplug and explore? We’re here to help show you that there are a lot of fun things to do in the winter that don’t require technology.

  1. Sunset on Dixville Peaks Trail – Mix up your evening routine and instead of watching television or scrolling through your phone, climb up to Dixville Peaks on one of our brand new Polaris snowmobiles. This thrill of a ride will lead you to the highest peak on the trail and open up to views you truly have to see to believe. Take in the breathtaking scenery in the evening and watch as the New Hampshire sunset casts a pink shadow across the snow, creating a picturesque backdrop. The best part? You will have a mental picture that will last you a lifetime (no camera needed). The Canadian Gray Jays fly around this area and will land near you (or even on your head) if food is placed there. Connect with nature like never before and get back to the basics of enjoying outdoor adventure activities.
  2. Blazing Trails – New Hampshire trails are full of hidden treasures. Our Blazing Trails tour will take you to Garfield Falls, a 60-foot, three-tiered waterfall tucked away in Pittsburg, New Hampshire. Once you take in the gorgeous, crystallized wonder, it’s time to head to Diamond Ridge. This is where some of the most spectacular views of the Connecticut Lakes Region is offered at 3,230 feet in elevation. This is where you will find pure, uninterrupted winter at its finest.
  3. Black Bear Tavern – A meal with the whole family without cellphones seems impossible, right? Not when you choose to unplug. Leave the phones and tablets at home and go out for a delicious feast, technology free. You will be amazed and how much you learn about your loved ones when the distraction of a text message or email is taken out of the equation. Black Bear Tavern has great food and a family-friendly environment where you can relax and enjoy the company around you. Cheers to that!

We took it upon ourselves to check-in with the Bear Rock Adventures staff as well as some past customers to get their take on unplugging and exploring the great outdoors.

  • When asked if he thinks it’s important to ditch technology and get outside, Abe’s response was music to our ears. Abe said, “Absolutely! I run a business and spend most of my time in front of my computer or phone. When I decided to head up north to rent from Bear Rock Adventures, I was finally able to put my phone away for a couple of days and it was the best weekend I’ve had in a while.” Abe went on to say, “I felt so stress-free like I was when I was younger. It was so quiet with no traffic and the fresh air smelt so good!” That’s what we like to hear!
  • “It’s amazing what a day away from technology can do for our customers,” said Corrine Rober, co-owner of Bear Rock Adventures. “They come back from their tour at the end of the day feeling refreshed and so thrilled about all of the scenery and wildlife they saw along the way. My favorite stories from customers that I hear about are their experiences feeding the Canadian Gray Jays. I am so thankful to work in an industry where I can help people become more connected with the outdoors while having a great time.”
  • When asked about the benefits of unplugging and getting outside, Steve Baillargeon, co-owner of Bear Rock Adventures said, “I think the quiet scenery works wonders. We are surrounded by constant noise and interruptions in our day-to-day lives, making it more important now than ever to get outside and decompress from all of that.”

Let us help you disconnect from technology and connect with mother nature, we promise it will be worth it!